Prospera Pegasus


The wind was strong that day. The harder the wind blew the more the softness of her exposed hooves hugged the sturdiness of the ground, her wings carrying her along, hovering her strong body gently in the air whenever necessary. She was finally ready, or so the path she met implied as much. The sand beneath her shimmered, covering her in a golden glistening glow as it rose up in gentle swirling tornados around her. The sand was cool, a sensation similar to tingling mint when it touched the skin.  As she advanced,  her eyes adjusted to a curious light, a light unlike any her eyes had known before, growing in intensity with each gently galloping step.

Soon the light was bright enough to touch everything around her, and it wasn't long before her eyes were graced with various bazaar and beautiful treasures that awaited her. Treasures to keep her plentiful in the present, and well equipped for the quests that call. 

She looked down at her body, a round busom that gently faded into strong horse's hips, legs and hooves, and she was now covered in the gold residue of this place that she still didn't quite recall how she arrived to.

Suddenly the air held an electricity that felt like a sharp stillness you could cut--or could cut you--and slowly a long vertical oval appeared in the short distance in front of her. A glowing white outline of a portal appeared against the stellar fabric of her dark nighttime surroundings. She was a bit confused, but fearless, and approached the ovular slice of invisibility. Slowly, she slid her fingers into the thin slits of light, pushing the oval open. As the portal widened, all of what visibly surrounded her peeled back like a skin.  As she turned to search frantically in every direction, a wash of white surrounded her. A wave of what looked like water but couldn't possibly be rose up in the distance. A rainbow like a 7- jet geyser sprang up from invisible depths hard and fast. She stopped dead in her tracks as the space overhead, where the sky would be, filled with color as if it were crying melted crayon wax. Upward it stretched, until the whiteness was swallowed whole. 


To Be Continued...