Ourobora is a snake lady, a creature known as a Nure-onna in Japanese culture, a gorgeous yet ghastly entity whose upper body is that of a woman and lower body is that of a snake. Ourobora was an integral part of a traveling freak show in the dirty South of the US, but an unfortunate turn of events caused the evil, ill-intentioned hick of a ring leader to discard her, propelling her into an unexpected new reality. This is the story of how she arrived at her arrival.


"You know you don't belong nowhere girl," his deep, raspy voice said to her. "You's a freak, and you always gon' be a freak." The scaled beauty hated the man who's voice only spoke demeaning, devaluing words to her. His round belly was covered in dirty rags that he never washed, and his unbathed skin radiated an unbearable stench. His nose was round, veiny and large, and took up too much of his face. It was the only thing you could see of his face that was shadow-cast under the brim of his hat.  
    Dusk was near passing, and the lower edges of the sky still held a deep orange glow. It was in plain view through the large rectangular opening of the freight train car. The trees and houses slid against the tri-colored sky, framed like a painting in motion. To transport her yet keep her concealed, the man had wrapped her in a blanket and jumped a freight train. The snake lady was null of emotion and didn't know what to expect. She didn't care to know what to expect. 
    The man took another swig of his whiskey bottle and drunkenly slung it to the floor. The liquid was colorless in the dark of the train car as it spilled and formed a growing, pungent puddle beside him.
    "Ain't no use for you 'round here. You's hellspawn filth and I don't ever wanna lay my eyes on you abomination of Christ ever again. Now git!"  He spat the last with a thrust of his leg that dug into the snake lady's side, sending her toppling violently out of the train car onto the firm grass beside the train tracks. Pushed by the speed of the train, she rolled onto her stomach, then her back, then her stomach again, stopping face first on a patch of moist soil. She lay still in minor shock, her body trembling slightly as she spat the soil away from her lips. After a moment or two, she gathered herself and began to slither slowly out of the restricting blanket that encased her slender body. Feeling the grass on her scales calmed her a bit, as she watched the Earth swallow the last of the Sun.
    After the train passed, a mass of murky trees revealed themselves against the thick darkness of the night. Without much thought, she slid across the tracks and plunged into the body of trees in a smooth motion. Fear never touched her as she brushed against the trees and fallen leaves. The voices of creatures, rodents and insects echoed through the darkness as she slithered along. Her travels were long and seemed aimless for quite some time. Through the darkness she felt her body slide into a moist dip in the grass that revealed an opening. It was a sewer. A spark of curiosity jolted through her as she minimized, constricting in size on command and slid deep into the crevice. 
    As dark as she'd thought the evening was, the blackness of the sewer was thick and opaque as she could barely detect anything that was behind or in front of her. The liquid she slugged through was ice cold and polluted with lumps and things that she could not identify. The smell was overwhelming, and nearly sickening, but did not stop her from swimming forward. She sensed a break in the unlit tunnel and swam towards it as the familiar curiosity pierced her again. The tunnel narrowed uncomfortably as she made her way through it, making her grateful for the lack of bones in her body and ability to restrict in size. After a little while, her eyes were greeted with light, and her head emerged from a white, porcelain bowl. She looked around to realize that she was inside of a toilet bowl in a public bathroom and pushed herself to the surface, her entire body slithering slowly out of the toilet. She looked around slowly to see men's shoes beneath a stall, and their quick proceed to the front of the bathroom. The bathroom door swung open and the black leather shoes exited. She followed quickly behind him, in an urgent motion, unsure and unaware of what was awaiting her. The movement energized her muscular body and she slowly began to swell in size. 
    The slithering sound of her scales on the floor tiles slowed as she approached the central area of the first floor of the department store. She managed to remain unseen thus far, but the harsh florescent lighting would ensure her reveal. Her eyes were sliding wildly across the room as she watched them all oblivious to her presence. Mindless and serene, they all seemed to her. The bodies roamed aimlessly along the aisles of perfume bottles and makeup. She remained still for a few moments observing the droves of people and their striking similarity to cattle. Realizing she had no where to go, her muscles contracted and she moved in a slithering thrust out into the light. 
    Eyelids on faces framed with primped hair peeled back and nearly vanished into sockets at the wildly inhuman horror that was the Snake Lady. Shrieks and sounds of astonishment escalated to terrified howls out of trembling mouths.  Horrified mothers clutched their children's tear streaked faces close to them as they scurried towards the closest exit. The Snake Lady moved as quickly as possible to escape the screams, but it was too late. 
    "Get that freak!" she heard in the distance coming from behind her along with heavy footsteps and profanity in a man's voice. Before she could turn to see how close the voices were, cold bluntness hit her skull with a dull thump, and darkness swallowed her. 

    *        *        *

    The snake lady inhaled violently as if life were rushing back into her through her lungs. She was lying on her back and could feel a cold, hard surface pressed against her. The environment around her was foreign and immediately panic rushed over her. Her muscles pushed her to an erect stance in plain sight of everyone around her. As she found herself surrounded with steel bars, two women's voices spoke out from behind her. 
    "Look, look, look it's awake!" One of the women said.
    "Holy shit, what IS that??!" the other responded. The women were sitting together, tense and huddled. The snake lady assumed it made them feel safer if they were in close proximity to one another. Fools. One of the women had dirty blonde hair that was poofy and teased at the top with highlights. Her skin was a dark shade of caucasian brown and leathery, adorned throughout with age spots. She wore a white ribbed tank top, braless, that was tucked into light-blue denim shorts that sat high on her hips and were rolled just above the knee. Her nipples were erect and pointed downward towards the skin that was slightly loose around her knees. Her white reeboks were filthy, and had dingy white socks that scrunched up just above them. She was missing both of her front teeth, and there were lines set deep in her face as she cringed at the Snake Lady. The other woman was heavier and wore a red scrunchie atop her head that held hair in place that was sure to be crunchy and over saturated with hair spray. Her oversized red t shirt hung low over denim shorts cuffed similarly to the woman she was sitting next to. Her eyes were chunky with mascara, and her chin jiggled just a bit as she spoke in disgust about the snake lady. 
    "Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph, don't you move, don't you fuckin' move!" Said an officer as he pointed a gun through the metal bars at the Snake Lady, as if she had the option to go elsewhere. His eyes were abnormally large and stark against the deep, dark hue of his skin. Coarse salt and pepper curls sat tight against his scalp. The blue shirt of his uniform stretched snug against his body as if his beer belly were outgrowing it, his pants creasing at the hips during his defensive stance while pointing the gun. His trembling lips were large and melon pink along the inside, his mouth hanging open as genuine fear grew in his eyes. 
    "I have no intention to hurt anyone...I come in peace," the Snake Lady spoke from her thin lips. The officer looked at her unsurely for a few still moments, then hesitantly lowered his gun.