Madame Malachite

Madame Malachite represents the turning point, the break of a savior once you’ve reached your point of saturation. She can be considered the Sattva of the Gunas cycle, the gateway to bliss after arduous labors.

Meet Madame Malachite

“Where...where the fuck are we?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know anymore than you do.”

“Well THIS is not the place on the map that you said we would land. Christ what IS this?!”

Taylor kicked up his usual storm of a tantrum, swapping the parchment map against the desert floor, helping himself and his partner none at all.

“Well how am I supposed to know?” Juliet replied.

“You said you knew where we were going and studied this silly map as if it meant anything,” Taylor said sounding like a disappointed child.

“I guess I thought I knew but... I didn’t. Listen. Look, it’s not the end of the world...I don’t think there is such a thing, actually. But screw it, I swear we’ll find our way we just have to pick a direction and go, I guess. Did you destroy the map? Here, let me see that fuckin' thing.”

Juliet took the map out of Taylor’s angry palms, and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand in one jagged, restless motion. The Sun was high in the sky and it was sweltering that day. Characteristically hot for where they stood, in the Nevada desert, yet still  unpleasant and unwelcome all the same. Despite their unfavorable circumstances, they still had to progress, as there were cooler moister places surely awaiting them.

“Okay, let’s see.” Juliet looked at the map he’d found previously, once tucked away in an old dusty family attic. He blew gently and dust whisked upward, revealing black marks against the tan paper that somehow now looked utterly like gibberish.

“Uh...okay. Well…” Juliet found what looked like a clear road from where they were standing, and dictated a general direction for them to continue in. Or rather begin.

“I think heading North West, just in that direction would probably be best.” Juliet lifted his dry finger away from the direction of the Sun. Taylor looked helpless.


malachit horns.jpg




The men let their arms fall to their sides and they trekked away from their broken down pick-up truck, that of which Taylor insisted was a bad idea to drive out this way in the first place. That old beat up thing just was not reliable, and well, today was all the proof you needed. Juliet insisted on the trip, and that it be made ASAP, so the rusted blue pick up was really the only option they’d had so readily available.

The men walked on in silence away from the burning heat of the Sun, and towards what they’d hope would be their salvation. Though they were walking away from it and it was relatively late in the afternoon, the Sun still beat down on their orange skin, seeming to sizzle a little bit more with each passing moment. Neither of the men had worn sunscreen that day, like fools senselessly running after gold, and the pain that would ensure after their little quest was already detectable on their skin.

The dry, cracked desert floor spoke loudly under their feet over the absence of their voices. Thoughts of fatigue, dread, and draining hope bounced between them wordlessly.

“I feel like we’ve reached a point of no return or something. Are you sure this was the right way to go?” Taylor asked, his hostility cooled now to a mild-tempered desperation.

Juliet pulled the map out of the back pocket of his light blue jeans, shook it out and examined it once more.

“Yeah, I think so. I mean...yeah.” Juliet’s voice was thick with uncertainty he couldn’t conceal, but he tried his best to sound sure. He didn’t succeed. Taylor rolled his eyes and began to ease into another tantrum, this time with fatigue pulling at the edges of his words.

“God, I can’t believe I agreed to come out here. We’re totally fuckin' lost aren’t we? Okay, I know we’re lost, but the REAL question is...just HOW lost are we?”

Taylor's irritability was suddenly easing toward contagion.

“Okay, I don’t think we’re all THAT lost. I mean lost IS a pretty strong word to use here.”  As patient as he usually was, Juliet’s composure cracked, and his shoulders suddenly slouched as a bit of hope began to seep out of him.

“Fuck I just...I wish we actually had someone to guide us through this. I don’t know why we decided to come out to the fucking desert to search for some bullshit “Desert deity” anyways. I mean, what total waste of time! God, I just wish.” 

Juliet was losing himself in a pool of hopelessness as his plan was not exactly turning out as he’d hoped or expected. As he held his head in his hand in frustration, he felt something in the air shift. The wind changed directions.

Juliet looked up to see a colossal cloud of blue smoke wafting up in his direction. A dart of fear, surprise, and confusion shot upward through him, and he didn’t quite know how to respond to what was happening. He couldn’t believe his eyes. 

More royal blue smoke materialized from what seemed like out of nowhere, covering an expanse amount of space in front of the men. They were both stunned. Suddenly ominous laughter began to rise up from the depths of the smoke, eerie and penetrating.

“What the fuck is happening?” Taylor asked in a frightened juvenile whine.

“I think we summoned asking...or wishing, or something, I don’t know, but fuck this is actually happening right now!”

The men gazed in a trance-like state as a royal blue convertible car the size of a long boat shot itself out of the gust of blue smoke. She laughed a wide mouth laugh as she approached them, an all-knowing laugh that made their skin crawl.

She pulled up next to the men in her convertible car, and yelled out to them.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She let out another uproarious laugh. “You asked for me, now you’re scared?” The men looked at each other for a brief moment in mild disbelief.


“That’s Madame Malachite to you, sir. Do you know where you’re going? Do you even know where you want to go? What is it that you’re looking for? Have you forgotten?”

Her words began to sound more and more like riddles, and the men were admittedly confused, but all the more intrigued.

“Get in,” she said without waiting for an answer. The men hesitated.

“Do you want to miss the boat? Aren’t you curious about what’s up ahead? How you gonna get there?”  The men didn’t have a solid answer, and admittedly were in a very desperate position, parched and exhausted.

“Okay, “ the men somehow said in unison, and piled into the back of the blue convertible car.

“Where are we going?” Juliet asked completely puzzled, flopping down into the back seat.

“Well now that’s up to you, sir.” Madame Malachite said eerily as she turned her smooth brown face to the back seat, pulling down circular blue sunglasses ever so slightly to peer at the men from the top of her eyes.

“Careful now, what wish for, little darklings, because you’ll have no choice but to get it.”

As soon as she said the last, another roar of laughter exploded out of her mouth, revealing square, pearly white teeth against her black skin. She was beautiful and terrifying, an all knowing thing that the men didn’t quite know how to respond to. But evidently something they’d done had summoned her.

Madame Malachite slammed on the gas shooting them through a sudden tunnel of blue smoke, nothing like where they had been just moments prior.

“Hold tight now darklings,” she said as the three of them vanished from the desert. “You’re in for a real ride.”